Sunday, September 20, 2009

Price Check: Vodafone HTC Magic

By Benedict Wee

Date Checked: September 21st 2009

Vodafone New Zealand
Phone: NZ$519
Monthly Cost: NZ$80
Calls/Texts/Data: 120mins/600txts/250MB
Contract Term: 24 months

Vodafone UK
Phone: Free
Monthly Cost: GBP35/NZ$80.40
Calls/Texts/Data: 900mins/Unlimited/Unlimited
Contract Term: 24 months

Vodafone Australia
Phone: Free
Monthly Cost: Au$69/NZ$84.45
Calls/Texts/Data: 1GB data with
$400 credit a month with following rates -
Calls $0.35 (connection) + $0.40/30 seconds
Texts $0.28/text (local and international)
Picture text $0.50/text (local and international)
Video text $0.75/text (local and international)
Plus one of the following bonuses -
*Free evenings and weekends, free calls from Vodafone to Vodafone numbers
*Best Mates, free calls to one Vodafone number
*100 standard texts
Contract Term: 24 months

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